ICT enabled teaching Learning

ICT-enabled tools for effective teaching and learning process

The Institute follows ICT enabled teaching in addition to the traditional classroom education. Subsequent efforts are taken by the institute to provide e-learning atmosphere in the classroom:

  1. In addition to chalk and talk method of teaching, the faculty members are using the IT enabled learning tools such as PPT, Video clippings , Audio system, online sources, to expose the students for advanced knowledge and practical learning.
  2. Classrooms are fully furnished with LCD/OHP/Computers
  3. Most of the faculty use interactive methods for teaching. The major emphasis is on classroom interaction in terms of research paper presentations, seminars, debates, group discussions, assignments, quiz/tests/viva and laboratory work.


Institute premises are Wi-Fi enabled

  1. Specialized computer laboratory with an internet connection has been provided to promote independent learning. MAC-ID based Wi-Fi facility for access of internet is provided on individual laptop and mobile devices.
  2. Well security is provided to Wi-Fi users. Its access is controlled by the system administrator
Average percentage of teachers using ICT for effective teaching with Learning Management Systems (LMS), e-learning resources etc. (5)

Number of teachers using ICT (LMS,e-Resources)

Number of teachers on roll

ICT tools and resources available

Number of ICT enabled classrooms

Number of smart classrooms

E-resources and techniques used


35 LCD 9 3 e-Books




Wi-Fi Campus


On line and Off line Video’s


Educationsl CD’s

Wi-Fi Campus

CD’s on animal experiments (X-Cology and X-Pharma)

Statistical softwares

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Statistical softwares

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