Waste Management

Institute encourages environment friendly practices as follow

  • Solid waste management:
  • To reduce waste at institute, students and staff are educated on proper waste management practices through lectures, advertisement on notice boards, displaying slogan boards in the campus.
  • Waste is collected on a daily basis from various sources and is separated as dry and wet waste.
  • Color coded dustbins are used for different types of wastes. Green for wet and blue for solid waste.
  • Daily garbage is collected by housekeeping personnel and handed over to authorized personnel of Tiware Grampanchayat for further processing. All waste water lines from toilets; bathrooms etc. are connected with Municipal drainage mains. Waste material like plastic, papers etc. are collected and sold out to scrap vendor from time to time.
  • Efforts have taken to produce compost manure from the canteen solid waste and waste from other sources and efficiently run by the students. Manure is used for the purpose of herbal garden as well or for planted tree.
  • Liquid waste management:
  • The waste chemicals mixed water from laboratory passes through concealed pipe line into soak pit & recycled water is used for the watering trees or non-potable usage.
  • Liquids are diluted by getting mixed with the washroom and toilet liquid wastes in to the common drainage.
  • Biomedical waste management:
  • Biomedical waste generated from the laboratory gets handover to authorized personnel of Tiware grampanchayat.
  • E-waste management
  • The E-waste collected is stored in store room and disposed every year accordingly.
  • The buyback system is followed for pharmacology rotating drums beyond repairable conditions. Empty toners, cartridges, outdated computers and electronic items are sold as scrap to ensure their safe recycling.
  • Old monitors and CPUs are repaired by our technician and reused.