Konkan Gyanpeeth Rahul Dharkar College of Pharmacy and Research Institute, Karjat had organized two days ‘SERB’ sponsored national seminar on “Innovation, Development & Standardization of novel herbal formulation” on 24-25 September, 2018, in association with ‘Society for Ethnopharmacolgy’.

The program was inaugurated by all the dignitaries by Deep Prajvalan & Saraswati Poojan. Dr. Mohan Kale (Principal of KGRDCP & RI) welcomed all guest and briefed about the event. Mr. Sandeep Waghulde, Mr.Nilesh Gorde and Mr.Pritam Juvatkar were conveners for this event. Dr. Pulok Mukherjee, Director, School of natural product studies, Jadavpur University, Kolkata, Dr .Prakash Itankar, Assistant Professor, Pharmacognosy & phytochemistry, UDPS, Nagpur university, Dr. Alka Mukane, Associate Professor, Pharmacognosy & phytochemistry, Bombay college of pharmacy, Mumbai and Dr. Chhaya Gadgoli, Professor & HOD Pharmacognosy & phytochemistry, Saraswati Vidya Bhavan’s college of Pharmacy, were eminent speaker for session.

The session was started with the lecture of Dr. Pulok Mukharji on ‘Medicinal plant research- leveraging innovation, way forward.’ He briefed all the students about Ethno Pharmacology and explained the importance of traditional medicine. He quoted, “Choose traditional medicinal system over allopathy, Mainstream it”. He also enlightened the students about regulations and safety regarding traditional medicinal system. He further explained the importance of polyherbal formulations & food as medicine.

Dr. Chhaya Gadgoli started her session on ‘Extraction & standardization of Phytoconstituents’; in which she elaborated various aspects of extraction including principle of extraction, selection of suitable solvent & various modern techniques of extraction. She also briefed about marker compounds and standardization of phytopharmaceuticals.


Dr. Alka Mukne enlightened the participants the importance of Ethnopharmacology in her speech on ‘Herbal Drug Research: Gearing up for 22nd Century’. She further added the brief account on herbs in healthcare & role of natural products in pharma industry. She quoted the importance of authentication & standardization of herbal drugs, nanopartical formulations, phytoequivalence, and importance of DNA barcoding of herbal drugs. In her speech, she further explained chemical stability of constituents & designing of formulations on the basis of BCS classification.

Dr. Prakash Itankar gave the brief account on translational research in herbal moving from past to future along with lab to land experiences. He also gave brief account on need of storage, trial health system, prevention, recognition. He explained need for new strategies for herbal medicine. He also added the importance of database and its documentation.

More than 40 students and delegates participated for poster presentation. Topics for poster presentation were Plant biotechnology, Extraction of active constituent, Herbal medicine, Herbal therapy, Recent advances in drug delivery etc. Various paper article were selected for publishing in Journal of pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry.